So Many Library Books, So Little Time

Reading Motivation for Your Kids this Summer!

This always seems to happen us!  We get home from the library with bags and bags of books, and before we know it, it’s time to return them– when we haven’t even read half of them! Not this time!  Now the kids want to make time for all those library books!  I saw this Summer Reading Bingo over at Sarah’s Sweeties (She is a real sweetie!), and it has been great motivation for the kids!  You can fill in the spots and give rewards for each full row and a bigger reward for a full card!  It’s amazing what Gushers and a game of Bingo can do for a child’s reading desire! 😉  Thanks for sharing this, Sarah!

Print one of these!  You will be so glad you did!  I love looking back and thinking, “Wow!  The children have each read a biography, a fable, a book on our state…”

(Click below for a printable version at Sarah’s Sweeties.)


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