Operation Organize!  

Organizing My Time

Confession:  I am  a PLANNER!  I really like to have plans, make plans, check completed plans off of my list, etc.  Charles asks me if I can please refrain from using the “P word” so much, at least on vacation.  🙂 You get the idea!

The thought of 4 children, home all summer, waking up each morning for a 14 hour 3 ring circus does not sound fun to me!  We (I, especially) need some structure!  I knew this was the perfect time to begin schooling Catherine in First Grade work and review with Leven.  Homeschool, however, seems so overwhelming to this planner!

“How do I teach some at one time and others at a different time?”  

” What do the 3 year olds do during Math?”

“Just how is all of this really going to happen?!?!”

I have GREAT NEWS for you!  Titus 2, Inc. is coming to the rescue!  🙂  The Maxwell family has put their years of homeschooling experience into several books to help us with every aspect of homeschooling– planning, scheduling, and chores!  These books have been a blessing to me!  Reading these practical, accessible books has been like having my very own experienced, homeschooling mentor mom (a Titus 2 woman!) come over, sit in the kitchen, and guide me step-by-step through the hard stuff!  I am SO thankful that I found them, and I want to share them with you!

Here is a sample of our morning summer schedule.  (A complete schedule is almost ready!  I’m having to add a few things I’d forgotten, and we’ve had swimming lessons in the afternoons.) After using it a couple of weeks, I can see that it needs some tweaking, but isn’t it great?!  Managers of Their Homes guided me through every part of making this!  The book comes with all of the needed forms for each step of making your schedule (not to mention TONS of practical ideas for making your home and school run smoothly!!), but book owners can also purchase a $15 one year subscription to a program that helps you EASILY create your schedule on the computer!  Ours is printed and posted  in the kitchen for everyone to see!  You can also adjust the time slots and print a color-coded schedule!

You have to check this out!  The chore book is SO helpful, too!  I will post on that soon!

I am amazed at all we are getting done around here!


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