My New BFF

Operation Organize!  

Organizing My Stuff, Part 2

If you know me, you KNOW that I actually have no idea how to correctly use the term BFF !!!  However, I think my label maker IS my new best friend! 🙂  WHY hasn’t anyone told me how GREAT this thing is??

I’ve labeled the storage boxes for craft supplies and toys!  I’m labeling school baskets and shelves!  Is it possible I’m going overboard?

Yes, homemade tags made with scrapbook supplies hanging on polka-dot ribbons would be cuter, but who has time for that??  These print IN SECONDS and are waterproof! You can get lime green, pink, red, and white labels.  Your little readers will know the correct place for everything, and your pre-readers will begin to recognize household words!  I love it!


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