Does Your House Have an Echo?

This poem was in one of Leven’s A Beka readers last school year.  I copied it and posted it in our kitchen!  It’s a great reminder!

Our Little Echo

We have an echo in our house,

     An echo three years old,

With dimpled cheek and wistful eyes,

     And hair of sunny gold.

This little echo, soft and sweet,

     Repeats what others say,

And trots about on tireless feet,

     Up stairs and down, all day.

It makes us very careful not

     To use a naughty word,

Lest in the echo’s lisping tones,

     It should again be heard.

Which should be such a dreadful thing,

     As any one can see,

Who has an echo in his house,

     A little over three.

~Margaret Sangster

4 thoughts on “Does Your House Have an Echo?

  1. Who who

    I love your willingness to be God’s instrument in the lives of your precious children. My son is a blessed man which I am sure he knows. Much love. Who-Who

    1. Shannon Post author

      Aww, thank you. I am sure it is me who got the best end of the deal! 🙂 I am most blessed indeed… and you and Mimi came with him! Yay! 🙂

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