Operation Organize!

Organizing My Stuff, Part 1

I am on an organizing mission!  I want to organize my stuff, my time, my thoughts– my life! 🙂  Here is how the mission began…

A couple of months ago, we decided to replace our 60+ year old cabinets!  This sounded great until I realized how much I had actually accumulated in those cabinets!  As I began to empty everything into my dining room, I could clearly see that I had TOO MUCH STUFF!  When it was time to put things back into the new cabinets, I knew I had to part with the two extra can openers, grilled cheese maker, sippie cups no longer in use, tupperware with no lids,  third clear casserole dish, ten extra vases… Whew!  I needed help!   My sister, who could leave the restaurant business and become a professional organizer, came to the rescue!  After we finished sorting, I was able to donate box after box of unused stuff!  My kitchen is such a peaceful place now!  🙂  I can easily find everything I need and so can everyone else!

The kids can easily unload the dishwasher because the things we use most have been moved down low into a drawer they can reach!

The plates, cups, and bowls that the children use most have been put in a low drawer , too.

In the process of getting the kitchen cleared of all clutter, I lost (and found) two important papers!  I have to tackle that soon!  Having an organized kitchen has felt so good, though, that I want to get every other room organized!  I am working my way through The House That Cleans Itself.  It involves lots of steps to change your home to fit your needs! It is also written from a Christian perspective, so I’ve enjoyed reading the verses in each chapter.  I got the Kindle version so that I could start my mission ASAP.

My super-organized friend is doing some organizing of her own, so I am motivated to stick with this!  She just finished “Operation Playroom!”  That’s where my “Operation Organize!” title came from!  Thanks, friend! 🙂  I will update on my mission soon!

One thought on “Operation Organize!

  1. Candice Duffy

    Oh! I’ve gotta check this book out! Looks like a hugely helpful one!!! Loved catching up with you today! Keep writing 🙂


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