Live From The Garden…

We wanted to plant a garden this year because we thought it would be a great learning opportunity for the kids… lessons in hard work, diligence, responsibility, and stewardship.  However, thanks to advice from some gardening guru friends, it has been a breeze to maintain!  It has been less work than we expected and a whole lot of FUN!

We are learning some lessons in patience…. waiting and waiting and waiting with a happy heart!

What we’ve enjoyed most about the garden so far are the salads with fresh arugula and spinach every night!

Did I mention that I’m married to somewhat of a gardening guru?  Ha ha!  I was worried about starting some of our vegetables from seed, and I asked Charles if he worried, too.  “I do it every day, Honey– about 10,000 acres worth!” he said.  Yes, I’d say he knows what he’s doing!  I think we have another little farmer in the making…

2 thoughts on “Live From The Garden…

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